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Vortex has been engineering and manufacturing components for the milling industry for many years. Through innovation and product design, we are recognized as a valuable supplier for millers all over the world. Vortex supports the milling industry and milling education through organizations like the IAOM, IMEF and  Kansas State University. Through this partnership, Vortex continues to to develop better components that enhance the efficiency of the milling process.

There are two main reasons millers choose Vortex for their slide gates and diverter valves.

1. Sealing Technology™ – Vortex gates and diverters are engineered to create a positive seal of fine dust and powders. Dust tight gates and diverters reduce airborne fugitive dust that can create unproductive working conditions and create safety hazards from dust accumulation. They also reduce “house cleaning” costs that can be very expensive over the course of a year. A cleaner mill runs more efficiently and provides better working conditions for employees.

2. Ease of Maintenance – Milling plant supervisors and maintenance personnel appreciate Vortex gates and diverter valves for their easy maintenance features. If maintenance is needed, Vortex components can be serviced without removing them from the processing line. This reduces costs associated with downtime and lost production.

Slide Gates, Diverters, and Loading Spouts for Milling

Milling Research and Development with Kansas State University

In 2006, a state-of-the-art flour mill was constructed on the Kansas State campus to enhance the educational and research programs of the Grain Science department. It was the third of five buildings planned for the Grain Science Complex.
The 22,000 square foot flour mill contained $2.7 million of the most up-to-date milling equipment available. This facility gives students the opportunity to mill hard, soft, and durum wheat. It can process up to 24 tons of Wheat-2wheat a day with a daily flour production capacity of 400 hundredweights.

When considering slide gates and diverter valves for the process facility, Kansas
State University approached Vortex Valves. They wanted to install a combination of Vortex gravity flow slide gates and diverters as well as pneumatic conveying diverter valves. Vortex was chosen based on their innovative Sealing Technology™.  The other major reason Vortex’s valves were chosen was for their maintenance friendly design. Vortex slide gates and diverters have maintenance features that allow the valve to be serviced while in-line. This extends the service life of the valve and reduces the downtime of having to take the valve out of service for maintenance.

“Vortex valves are the best gates and diverters on the market. We are grateful for their support of our educational programs for flour milling students,” said Kingsly Ambrose of the Kansas State Grain Science department. “With this partnership, we have the best equipment included in the facility for our students who represent the future of milling.”