Controlling the Vortex Pivoting Chute Diverter

Published: December 5, 2019

Size & Weight: 15.5″ (394 mm) – 2100 lbs. (952 kg)

Handling: Glass Cullet

Location: Glass Manufacturer, Central US

Features: This Vortex 3-way Pivoting Chute Diverter features chromium carbide wetted parts to protect the interior from extreme, abrasion and wear.

The internal pivoting chute is positioned by using a two-stage Vortex pneumatic cylinder controlled by solenoid valves and position indication switches. Controls are routed through a pre-wired terminal box.

By means of energizing and de- energizing the solenoid valves, the chute can be re-positioned to any discharge port.

An advantage of the Vortex Pivoting Chute Diverter is that the chute’s position can be changed without stopping material flow through the diverter.