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Special Service Inlet

A Special Service Inlet acts as a funnel to direct material flow through the center of a gate’s opening. It is designed to create a slight void between the blade, seals and the material flow stream. This creates a “dead pocket” that allows residual materials remaining at the leading edge of the blade to fall away into the process line below, prior to the blade entering its end seal. By reducing material packing upon gate closure, a Special Service Inlet provides a better seal of materials and dusts, extends seal service life, and reduces maintenance frequency and spare part requirements.
Note: Primarily used in gravity flow applications.

Return Pan

A Return Pan is intended for roller-supported slide gates in applications where sealing materials is challenging. Such situations may include material particle size (especially fine materials), large gate size, abrasive materials (necessitating frequent seal maintenance), and/or difficult installations (can limit a gate’s ability to be accessed and maintained). The purpose of a Return Pan is to redirect migrant materials in the gate’s bonnet area back into the flow stream.

Square-to-Round Transitions

Allows a valve’s square outlet flange to mate up to equipment containing a round flange.

Flat (Companion) Flange

Utilized to match a standard Vortex gate flange or bolt hole pattern to mount to existing equipment.

Round-to-Square Transitions

Allows a valve’s square inlet flange to mate up to equipment containing a round flange.

Spacers  & Tube stubs

Utilized to address different flange hole mounting patterns, or to take up extra space created by previous equipment removal.

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