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Single-Coil Solenoid Valve

Commands equipment to fail-closed in the instance of electrical loss. Single-coil solenoid valves are often used on slide gates in order to close down the system. This forbids materials from moving any further in the manufacturing process until power is restored.

Disadvantages of an open system:

• Bad batches, caused by materials skipping over stages of the manufacturing process.

• Damaged product, as a result of materials traveling through the system at uncontrolled velocities.

• Damaged equipment, as a result of materials making forceful impact upon contact.

• Product loss from spillage at the end of a process.

Double-Coil Solenoid Valve

Commands equipment to remain idle in its current position in the instance of electrical loss. Double-coil solenoid valves are often used on diverter valves in order to prevent the blade from shifting. Otherwise, if the blade is shifted, materials can route toward incorrect destinations – which can result in bad batches and product loss.

Single & Double Coil Solenoid Specifications:

• Compliance/Approvals: NEMA 6 (IP67), ATEX

• Pressure rating: 29 – 145 psig | 2 – 10 barg (Note: 80 psig | 5.5 barg recommended to operate a slide gate or diverter valve)

• Temperature rating: 25 – 120° F | -5 – 50° C

• Voltage ratings: 24VDC, 24VAC, 110 VAC, 220 VAC 50/60 Hz

• Lubrication not required (Medium range aniline oil is recommended, if used)

Vented Ball Valves

For safety reasons, vented ball valves are essential to ensure a slide gate or diverter valve will not actuate out of command, which can result in serious injury.

Fail Safe Air Tanks

Stores a compressed air reserve, so that a pneumatic actuator has sufficient air pressure available to fail-closed in the instance of plant air loss.

Quick-Dump Exhaust

Accelerates valve open/close times when using a pneumatic actuator. Spent air pressure is exhausted to atmosphere at the air cylinder, rather than traveling back to be exhausted at the solenoid valve.

Sealed Body Air Purge

Solid aluminum covers are gasketed with silicone rubber. A purge port is tapped into the upper cover. An air purge assembly introduces differential pressure to prevent fine materials from migrating past the seals and accumulating in the body of the valve. Otherwise, material packing and actuation issues may occur.

Technical Specifications:

• Purge port size: ¼” NPT | G ¼

• Purge pressure: Must be greater than convey line pressure. Contact us to discuss further recommendations.

• Compatible Vortex products: Orifice Gate, Roller Gate, Clear Action Gate, HDP Gate, Wye Line Diverter, Gravity Vee Diverter, Flex Tube Diverter, Multi-Port Diverter, Fill Pass Diverter, Titan Slide Gate, Titan Pressure Valve (see product pages for additional information)

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