Vortex Titan Rod/Pin Gate Assists Limestone Supplier

Published: September 8, 2020

Client: Limestone Supplier, Southeastern US

Material Handled: Dolomitic Limestone

Size and Weight: 28” (711 mm) – 1000 lbs. (453 kg)


Commonly called a Rod or Pin Gate, this type of gate uses individual metal rods to control material flow. Driving more rods into the opening shuts down the desired flow of material through the gate. Removing rods increases material flow. For certain applications, rods can be arranged to trap oversized material for later removal.

Since these gates are being used with vibratory feeders, hitch pins are being utilized to keep the rods in place. The vertical tubes on either side of the pins provide holders for the hitch pins.


Hatch pins keep the rods from vibrating out of place.

Gates of this type are typically used for handling larger sized, heavy material. The large rods are more resistant to wear. Rod size (in this case 2” rods with ½” separation) is dictated by the process procedure.

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