Vortex to Exhibit in Latin America at Plastimagen & Other Tradeshows

Published: October 18, 2017

Vortex will conclude its 2017 trade show season by exhibiting at three trade shows in various parts of Latin America. At which show will we be seeing you?

Convención Internacional De Minería 2017

Presented by the Association of Mine Engineers, Metallurgists and Geologists of Mexico, the Convención Internacional De Minería 2017 will bring key people together for four days to discuss contributions and enhancements for the Mexican mining industry. Convención Internacional De Minería meets every two years and is among the largest mining tradeshows in the world, serving as an unparalleled opportunity to network and establish business across mining industries in the Mexican marketplace.

Mexico has become known for its great tradition in mining. Over centuries, Mexico has developed its mining industry to become one of the largest economic sectors in the country. Globally, Mexico is a top 10 producer of more than 16 different minerals, and is the leading global producer of silver.

As the second largest metropolitan area in Mexico, the city of Guadalajara is a hub for Mexican culture and folklore, making the tradeshow venue an excellent opportunity for tourism.

For more information on Convención Internacional De Minería 2017, please visit outletminero.org, or minero-cdmx.com.


PLASTIMAGEN MÉXICO® 2017 is the biggest plastics event in Latin America, playing host to the largest Latin American community in the plastics sector. The event will host over 30,000 attendees from more than 870 companies to share expert knowledge and exhibit innovative solutions for the plastics industry.

PLASTIMAGEN MÉXICO® is recognized for its tradeshow excellence, hosting many of the world’s leading plastic industry suppliers. The event serves as a great opportunity for industry professionals and decision-makers to network and learn about the latest advancements and solutions in plastics technology.

With the plastics industry having such great impact on other industries throughout the world, PLASTIMAGEN MÉXICO® 2017 is an excellent gateway to growing your business in other industry sectors and throughout Latin America.

At PLASTIMAGEN MÉXICO® 2017, Vortex will be exhibiting:

  • Wye Line Diverter: Diverts or converges from any number of sources toward multiple destinations in both vacuum and pneumatic conveying systems. Product benefits include minimizing cross contamination, and eliminating material buildup beyond the closed diverter port.
  • Quantum Orifice Gate: Controls material flow of non-abrasive to moderately abrasive powders, pellets and granules. Designed to prevent material packing in the blade seals, which can otherwise cause blade actuation issues. Valve body features weep holes to indicate if the valve is dusting and requires maintenance. Removable shim allow the valve to maintain its seal, even as the live-loaded polymer seals begin to wear.
  • Roller Gate: Live-loaded polymer seals create a positive material shut-off and prevent dusting to atmosphere. Seal replacement and other maintenance features make the valve serviceable while in-line.
  • Seal Tite Diverter: Designed for use in gravity flow applications where material can be diverted from one source toward either two or three destinations. The Seal Tite Diverter features a removable access door, which allows for interior inspection, cleaning or maintenance while the valve remains in-line.
  • Maintenance Gate: Designed to shut off material flow from a hopper or silo when maintenance of downstream equipment is required. In the open position, it positively seals conveying air and material to atmosphere.
  • Iris Valve: Specifically designed to handle dry bulk materials in gravity discharge of free-flowing material from bins, bulk bags, chutes, and hoppers. Features stainless steel control rings, a metal handle and trigger lock, and nylon shim for durability and smooth actuation. Also features a form-fitted fabric sleeve that provides a dust-tight seal, and serves as a barrier to prevent material leakage to atmosphere.

For more information, please visit plastimagen.com.mx.

ALIM Asamblea Colombia 2017

Every year, Latin American Association of Industrial Millers (ALIM) hosts its assembly, which has become an important academic, commercial and social event for Latin American wheat milling. Professionals from throughout Latin America will gather at ALIM Asamblea Colombia 2017 to analyze the wheat milling sector’s current situation, its short- and medium-term prospects, the world wheat market situation, advances in wheat milling technologies, opportunities and developments in the industry, and the socioeconomic context for wheat milling industry development.

ALIM Asamblea Colombia 2017 will bring together entrepreneurs, producers, technicians, international trade experts, technology suppliers, agribusiness managers, policy makers, and food industry scientists to discuss general topics and concerns for the wheat milling industry, and how those issues are importantly linked to the food industry.

ALIM Asamblea attendees will unite for interesting exhibitions, consult with fellow industry experts, and gather in friendship to discuss their passions for the industry.

For more information, please visit alim2017.com.

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