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Published: September 13, 2017

September is a busy month for Vortex, as the company will be exhibiting at three trade shows in various parts of the world. At which show will we be seeing you?

POWTECH is Europe’s undisputed #1 Trade Show for powder, granule and bulk solids technologies. It focuses on current, state-of-the-art technologies and instrumentation in mechanical processing, and provides a unique overview for a variety of industries, including glass, building materials, paper, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, and many others. Experts visit POWTECH to look for pioneering innovations in size reduction, screening, mixing, conveying, dosing or granulating and many other processes.

At POWTECH 2017, Vortex will be showcasing its dustless loading spout. For years, the Vortex loading spout has been the market’s premier solution for capturing fugitive dust, preventing material waste, ensuring plant and environmental safety, reducing maintenance downtime, and decreasing service expenses in both open and enclosed loading applications. Whether it be the loading or unloading of trucks, railcars, tankers, ships, barges or for stockpiling, Vortex loading spouts feature a completely closed dust collection cycle, to ensure compliance with increasingly stringent dust emission regulations being enforced by health and safety organizations worldwide.

Vortex loading spouts are ATEX-rated for Zone 20 (internal) and Zone 21 (external), making them suitable for use in almost any potentially hazardous environment. Vortex loading spouts are also customizable for use in abrasive and food-grade applications.

In addition, Vortex will be exhibiting its:

  • Aggregate Diverter: Features optional inlets, abrasion-resistant chute liners, and abrasion-resistant bucket liners to extend the life of a valve when handling abrasive materials.
  • Gravity Vee Diverter: Diverts materials through two outlets simultaneously, through one outlet at a time, or a complete shut-off of material flow.
  • Quantum Orifice Gate: Controls material flow of non-abrasive to moderately abrasive powders, pellets and granules.
  • TLD Diverter: Features replaceable abrasion-resistant liners to compensate for wear, and a removable access panel to allow in-line inspection, cleaning, or maintenance.
  • TSG Gate: Handles abrasive dry materials in gravity flow applications where positive material shut-off and dust-tight sealing is required.
  • Wye Line Diverter: Diverts or converges from any number of sources toward multiple destinations in both vacuum and pneumatic conveying systems. Product benefits include minimizing cross contamination, and eliminating material buildup beyond the closed diverter port.

The PPMA Show is the #1 event for global professionals interested in processing and packaging machinery. Predominately, this show will service manufacturers within the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, FMCG and contract packaging industries, among many others. The PPMA Show offers visitors a chance to find inspiration, generate new ideas, seek solutions, gain access to potential suppliers, interact with the industry’s leading technical experts, see new machinery in action, and evaluate the industry’s latest technologies.

At PPMA Show 2017, Vortex will be exhibiting the following products:

  • Gravity Vee Diverter
  • Wye Line Diverter
  • Flex Tube Diverter: A smooth, unobstructed transition between outlet legs eliminates dead pockets where material can lodge and remain trapped. The Flex Tube Diverter also prevents material cross contamination through a positive seal across the closed port.
  • HDPV2: Designed to address higher-pressure applications up to 75 psig (5 barg). Its rising blade design provides positive material shut-off, and eliminates issues related to material packing in the valve’s end seal.
  • Roller Gate: Live-loaded polymer seals create a positive material shut-off and prevent dusting to atmosphere. Seal replacement and other maintenance features make the valve serviceable while in-line.

PBE’s The Powder Show™ is the Midwest’s only educational forum fully dedicated to powder and dry particulate processing, handling and packaging. The event will feature many presenters, exhibitors, and technical workshops to allow industry professionals to network, engage with industry-leading technologies, and access professional development opportunities.

Visit Booth #805 at PBE Powder Show 2017, where Vortex will be presenting product animations, distributing product literature, and providing expert knowledge on what components are best utilized in your unique dry bulk material handling application.

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