Two-Way Titan Diverter Handling Industrial Sand

Published: July 11, 2017

Size & Weight: 10″ (250mm) – 155lbs (70kgs)

Location: Oilfield services operation, Southern USA

Features: Pneumatic actuation. Valve’s blade & wear liner constructed from 400 BHN MIN abrasion-resistant steel. Accessorized with a manual override heater, and an extra set of limit switches.

Application: Attach the valve at the diagonal weld seam of an 18-20ft – (5.5-6m) frac sand storage bin. The diagonal weld separates a bin into two separate chambers, each storing different grades of industrial sand. At each well site, there are a total of four storage bins. They are transported by truck to the site while empty, and stood vertically on-end prior to operation. Located at the immediate edge of the weld seam, the Vortex Titan Diverter is responsible for organizing grades of industrial sand into their appropriate chambers. Once a bin is filled, the stored industrial sand undergoes a conveying process to mix as a slurry. Then, the slurry is pumped back into a well for further oil retrieval, and for refill and closure of the well site.

Results: This particular customer had approximately 20 industrial sand storage units on location – all of which were equipped with Vortex Two-Way Titan Diverters. They have purchased more than 80 diverters from Vortex thus far, with plans to add 40 more diverters by 2018.