Diverter Valve for Gravity Flow Applications

Diverter Valve Handling Ground Coffee

Customer:  Confidential

Material:  Ground Coffee

Application:  In between storage bin and 2 packing lines

Challenge:  Replace leaking diverter and slide gate with one valve

Valves: Vortex Gravity Vee Diverter | Model VA12-2SS-60-NR-WS1-SB

Results:  This facility installed their first Vortex valve in 1990. They were so pleased with the sealing capabilities of their Vortex Roller Gate that over the years they’ve continued to replace problem valves with Vortex products.

After completion of the sale of this company, new management was meeting with a systems group regarding the installation of an additional production line during the summer of 2000. The Vortex representative called with a major concern. The new people were not at all familiar with Vortex. Would there be any way to introduce management to our company by means of a Mobile Display Unit visit within a two weeks notice?

Luckily, Vortex’s Mobile Display Unit (MDU) was nearing the end of an eight-week tour. A Vortex sales engineer, who was originally bringing the MDU back to Salina, revised his route to drove 10 hours to the facility, joined the representative for an extensive presentation and then drove the MDU 17 hours to Salina. The presentation resulted in management specifying Vortex valves on their new line. Included were a large quantity of Vortex Roller Gates, Wye Line Diverters and three Multi-Port Diverters.

During a sales call a few summers ago, the company was discussing a problem they were having with a pre-Vortex diverter being used in their old line. The diverter and shut off slide gate (located above it) were at the bottom of a storage bin that was diverting ground coffee into two different coffee can packaging lines. The diverter leaked terribly and had always been a source of irritation. The rep immediately suggested a VA12-2SS-60-NR-WS1-SB Vortex Gravity Vee Diverter with air purge. The independent actuators on the Gravity Vee allowed the company to do away with the separate isolation slide gate. The company really liked the diverter’s sealing capabilities. Our successful relationship with this company continues due to an attentive Vortex representative.